Thank you for all your praise and kind words. We look forward to serving you again soon!

“I’d walked past this store for years until my new beau waltzed me in. It will knock your socks off! The staff is gracious, very smart, and efficient. Just be prepared to be dazzled.”

– Kae D.


“My boyfriend is in LOVE with everything about Gene Hiller Menswear and I completely understand why. They have anything you could ever want or need to be the best dressed man around. Colorful or classic colored silk button ups, high quality tuxedos of multiple styles, stylish scarves and handkerchiefs.”

– Mio W.


“There isn’t a store in San Francisco to compare to this establishment. Great – really great– staff who know fashion, fabric and styles, inside out. Simply the best.”

– Red J.


“I am a second generation Gene Hiller client as my dad started shopping there in the 70’s. I have always appreciated the need and value of a well tailored suit and shirt through my years in business and that is where I rely on Gene Hiller.”

– Knuckles N.


“Derrick and the guys are in tune to your needs. I love seeing my hubby and son dressed in Gene Hiller clothes. Great place to shop!”

– Bill G.


“The sales staff are wonderful! My boyfriend tells me that whenever he stops by, they know his name and give him a bottle of water or a glass of wine as he shops. Whether it’s opening up the collar to show off a little detail or adding another shirt underneath, they know all the little tricks to make you look your best.”

– Kira R.


“This store has FANTASTIC customer service! The care and attention I received has earned them a customer for life and I will make sure my friends and family know what quality products and great customer service they provide. Highly recommend!”

– Julianna N.


“Absolutely, with no doubt, the best men’s clothing store in the SF Bay Area. They have super high-quality products, offer free in-store tailoring, and absolute expert staff.”

– Jack D.


“This is the ultimate men’s clothing store! I’m talking men, not boys. Words cannot do this place justice. Their clothes selection is amazing. Conservative, but loaded with style! Their suits are PERFECT. Their shirts are BEAUTIFUL.”

– R. G.



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