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Franco Alucino is the “Maestro Behind the Scenes.” Franco conducts his artistry behind closed doors, but his work is on daily display around the globe.

Franco AlucinoFranco was born in Santa Maria Cosenza, Italy. At just ten years old, Franco began working after school in a tailoring shop, owned by a friend of his family, called “Salvatore Galiano.” At seventeen years old, he went to tailor clothing in Milan, and soon after, entered into the Italian Military. When he came out of the army, Franco began cutting and designing men’s clothes in Rome.

As a handsome, young, and adventurous man of twenty-four years old, he ventured off to America. Franco came to San Francisco and soon became the master tailor for Gene Hiller in Sausalito. He has been an integral part of Gene Hiller’s success for over forty years. Franco’s work is world renowned. Customers fly in from all over the country to experience his expert tailoring.

Tailoring Services

Complimentary Tailoring

The single most important aspect that differentiates a well-dressed man from an impeccably dressed man is “FIT.” Gene Hiller understood this back when he opened his boutique in 1953 and included complimentary Italian tailoring for all garments purchased in-store or online, which has been a key differentiator in the history of our business.

Custom Clothing

Our In-House Tailoring Service, allows you to create a garment that is absolutely unique and made exclusively for you. Suits, blazers, pants, coats and dress shirts – you can craft any of these with the expert advice of one of our Styling Specialists. They will help you choose a style, fit and a fabric from a choice of over 500 options that are renewed each season and, many of which, are made exclusively for our Boutique.

You will see your creation take shape down to the last detail as you select lapels, buttons, pockets, linings, collars and cuffs among other options – an exceptional selection of elements that make our Made-To-Measure garment so unique. The garment is then expertly crafted In Italy and is delivered in just a few weeks. The final result is a custom item that is a testament to the style and elegance of its wearer, whose name is embroidered in a location of your choice.


Maintaining a refined look from morning to night is just as important as attaining it for the modern day man who is always on the go.

Impeccable fabrics accomplish just that, offering up a balanced blend of style and versatility. The fibers undergo a special eco-friendly treatment, resulting in naturally flexible, breathable textiles that are water and stain resistant and that use the body’s natural heat to even out any creases.

Everyday elegance has never been so effortless.


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