Tom Gangitano continues to be an important entity in Menswear retailing, and the Sausalito Business community after 42 years. A disciple of Gene Hiller himself, and a senior partner, Tom enjoys lecturing on Menswear history and style, and continues to mentor young men and long time clients on functional dressing.

Advice: “The smallest detail makes the biggest impression.”

Contact: tom@genehiller.com


Managing Partner

Wayne joined Gene Hiller twenty-one-years-ago and became a managing partner just after ten years. Wayne is the Chairman of the Sausalito Art Festival Foundation and is very involved in Marin County’s charitable efforts. Wayne is also the co-founder of Shoes Stories of Sausalito.

Advice: “Don’t let wardrobe issues get in the way of your reputation. In your professional life as well as in your personal life.”

Contact: wayne@genehiller.com


Franco Alucino is a managing partner and conducts his artistry behind closed doors, but his work is on display around the globe. Franco was born in Santa Maria Cosenza, Italy. At ten years old, Franco began working after school in a tailoring shop owned by a friend of his family. At seventeen years old, he went to tailor clothing in Milan, and soon after, entered the Italian Military. At twenty he ventured to America. Shortly after arriving in San Francisco, Franco became Gene Hiller’s Master Tailor and has been an integral part of Gene Hiller’s success.

Advice: “As a tailor with sixty-years of experience, I recommend your clothing to be fitted to the unique contours of your body. Whether casual or formal, a personalized Italian tailoring job is the final enhancement to create a sophisticated and polished look.”


Derrick Stith has been with the company for eighteen-years. He was the last stylist to join the team under Gene Hiller’s leadership. Derrick is also a former St. Louis Cardinal (Minor League) who still enjoys athletic competition and is working on improving his Golf Game. Derrick specializes in the visual presentation of merchandize and Clothing Accessories that add special depth to his client’s style.

Advice: “Building a traditional wardrobe allows you to achieve a timeless look that will extend your investment. As fits and trends evolve, it’s important to update your personal style by adding fashionable items to your traditional wardrobe.”

Contact: derrick@genehiller.com


Jaime Acuña has been with the company for twenty-five years. Jaime was born in Chile and moved to the U.S. when he was nineteen-years-old. Jaime loves spending time with his daughter Mia, and enjoys wine tasting through Napa Valley and Sonoma, photography, traveling and learning languages such as Portuguese, French and Italian.

Advice: “When building your wardrobe, start with a classic suit and add accessories that represent your personality.”

Contact:  jaime@genehiller.com


Mitch has been a part of the Gene Hiller Team since 1982. Besides his excellent wardrobing skills, Mitch is responsible for the visual merchandising of the store and takes great pride in the windows. Mitch enjoys traveling, golf, cooking and looking after his pets.

Advice: “Only wear what you feel comfortable in. There is no need to complicate your life by overthinking your look for the day. Keep trends in mind but place your individual wants and needs above all else.”

Contact: mitch@genehiller.com


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